fernanda PASQUALE

Passionate about materializing ideas

In October 2014 I moved from Brazil to the United States to become the Strategic Communications Manager and later Vice President of a global company. With more than 25 years of experience in international B2B marketing from planning to execution, I realized that what I love the most is to work with multicultural teams helping organizations develop their identity and improve their presence in different countries, providing tools to communicate what they do best. 

That is why I decided to start Markets Abroad, making myself available as a consultant to other companies that need support on strategic communications, but either don't currently employ a full-time marketing executive or simply wish to complement their existing resources for special projects.

A marketing consultant working as part of your team

Whether you are rebranding your company, promoting your business at a trade show or organizing an international meeting, I will always work with your best interests in mind, by:

  • recommending the most cost-effective strategy for your goals
  • helping you estimate and keep track of the budget
  • respecting your deadlines
  • working with multiple partners, when needed

Things I have done so far

Throughout my career, I have worked for global companies in many marketing functions, from assistant to vice president, and have been responsible for developing, implementing and managing  product and company brands, as well as all internal and external communication tools. I have organized, in person, countless customer events, both sales and management conferences, as well as trade shows in different regions, not only in Brazil and the United States, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Chile, India and China. 


Marketing and IT expertise

Over the past twenty years, I have been part of high performance teams, translating marketing needs to IT and vice versa. It was by helping companies evolve big projects that I consolidated a successful career in the corporate market and in exciting personal projects.

My perspective

In the face of new global challenges, borders are getting closer every day, and it is at the most difficult times that creative solutions can make a difference in the journey of companies.
One thing I learned is, a corporation's greatest asset is people, and having the right people around can change the game.
I am an entrepreneur, I see business and opportunities in everything.
I am optimistic and never complain. I don't believe in problems or excuses. I am a creative and detailed solver, I genuinely care about people and understand the responsibility of delivering projects with results.

Going digital

Your internationalisation goals will need approaches that are different from your local environment. Digital marketing can help you in a general context, but the success is in the details, which you may not find in any blog or video out there. We can help you reduce time and expenses with your plan.