Global meetings

Global meeting or conference event.

Have a clear goal in mind

What is the purpose of this meeting? Sharing strategic plans with the organization? Team building? Launching new products? With your clear goal in mind and understanding where your teams are coming from, we can plan the right event for your audience.

Engaging the participants

When someone is traveling to participate in a business meeting, they may feel vulnerable for being away from home, anxious to be guided and to learn what is expected from them. The way you communicate with your guests before and during the meeting can make it or break it. Sending invitations at the right time and providing the participants with valuable information throughout the whole event is crucial to make them feel secure and be able to focus on what you really need to share.

A dynamic schedule

 It is very important to balance the conference schedule with the right level of activity. People should not be passively watching a presentation for many hours, without interaction or movement. They also need time to relax and network with their peers.  

Flawless management

The event coordination should run smoothly all the time. Simple problems such as delays in the coffee-break or lack of information can create unpleasant distractions for the participants. Let our experience provide ways to avoid them. 

Leaving a great impression

How would you want your team to feel when they get back home? End the event on a very high note and make sure the participants leave with that extra positive energy, ready to rock.