Trade show event

Know your goals before committing

Before you decide to participate in a trade show in your own country or overseas, you need to clearly define what you are trying to achieve and if you are equipped to serve that market. 

Choose the right area for your booth

You don't need a large booth to make a good impression. The space has to be perfect to showcase what you have to offer and facilitate a good interaction with potential customers.  

Design your booth

Your booth is the face of your business. Customers that have never visited your company will have the opportunity to experience your brand through what they see and feel in your booth. Carefully plan every design element in order to have the best possible impact.

What you will offer

Samples, brochures, give-aways, business cards:  get ready to prospect new customers by developing  the right material in the language or currency that they understand. You only have one chance to create a first impression.

Make yourself visible

Stand out. Every trade show has hundreds of participants. Promote your business in the market before you go. Invite prospects to visit your booth before the show begins. 

During and after the show

Prepare your team to approach visitors and kindly capture their information. Get in touch with them right after the show, before you all go back to your routines.